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Welcome to the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

A Podcast Helping Artists and Other Creative Entrepreneurs
Build Careers from Their Talents!

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Artists, authors, musicians, or creative entrepreneurs with talent, experience, will benefit from this podcast. A business and career podcast helping inspire creative entrepreneurs such as artists, authors, and musicians to create a fulfilling life using their talents. Get started on your creative entrepreneurial journey today! 

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Mar 28, 2019

Increasing efficency for artists

Increase Your Efficiency
as a Creative Entrepreneur

Increase your efficiency as a creative entrepreneur as Bruce offers tips during a presentation to young people at the Odette Accounting Society. He talks about efficiency and time management for any entrepreneur trying to improve their efficiency. You can learn more...

Mar 21, 2019

Pricing Projects

Pricing Projects to Cover Client Indecision

Bruce talks about pricing your projects to cover client changes and save yourself from going crazy. Learn how to price your projects as an artist and illustrator helping to you feel good about the work you are doing. You can learn more about Bruce and his art at

Mar 14, 2019

Value based business

Create a Value Based Business


Bruce shares his value system that he used when creating his comic book series and build his business. This presentation was given to the Odette Accounting Society at the University of Windsor for a group of young accountants.

Check out our Tune of the Week is Changing My Ways by...

Lifestyle of a Creative Entrepreneur

Mar 10, 2019

Cashing in on Creativity Podcast

Lifestyle of a Creative Entrepreneur

This month we focus on business and lifestyle for creative entrepreneurs. We talk about using values that are important to you in your business and the different type of business projects you might handle during the Winter months when times are slower.

We all have difficult...

Mar 7, 2019

Creative Entrepreneur

Handling Projects as a Creative Entrepreneur

Bruce talks about the variety of projects he handled over the last couple months and what life is like for a creative entrepreneur. Many creatives handle a variety of projects and this is a recap of what the Winter months may look like if you are heading down that road....